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Scheduled tasks

FastAPI-Amis-Admin is based on APScheduler to provide a simple and powerful timed task system for the system in the form of application plug-ins.

Project Introduction

FastAPI-Scheduler is a simple scheduled task management FastAPI extension library based on APScheduler.


pip install fastapi-scheduler

Simple example

from fastapi import FastAPI
from fastapi_amis_admin.admin.settings import Settings
from import AdminSite
from datetime import date
from fastapi_scheduler import SchedulerAdmin

# Create `FastAPI` application
app = FastAPI()

# Create `AdminSite` instance
site = AdminSite(settings=Settings(database_url_async='sqlite+aiosqlite:///amisadmin.db'))

# Create an instance of the scheduled task scheduler `SchedulerAdmin`
scheduler = SchedulerAdmin.bind(site)

# Add scheduled tasks, refer to the official documentation:
# use when you want to run the job at fixed intervals of time
@scheduler.scheduled_job('interval', seconds=60)
def interval_task_test():
    print('interval task is run...')

# use when you want to run the job periodically at certain time(s) of day
@scheduler.scheduled_job('cron', hour=3, minute=30)
def cron_task_test():
    print('cron task is run...')

# use when you want to run the job just once at a certain point of time
@scheduler.scheduled_job('date', run_date=date(2022, 11, 11))
def date_task_test():
    print('date task is run...')

# Mount the background management system

async def startup():
    # Start the scheduled task scheduler

if __name__ == '__main__':
    import uvicorn

Interface preview

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