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Project Debugging

IDE debugging

All IDE debugging is turned on by default and can be turned off in the following ways.

  1. Global debugging configuration via the debug`'' property in theSettings`' object
site = AdminSite(settings=Settings(debug=False, database_url_async='sqlite+aiosqlite:///amisadmin.db'))
  1. Customize FastAPI object and turn off debug
site = AdminSite(settings=Settings(debug=False, database_url_async='sqlite+aiosqlite:///amisadmin.db'),

3.Customize AsyncEngine object and turn off debug

site = AdminSite(settings=Settings(debug=False),
                 engine=create_async_engine('sqlite+aiosqlite:///amisadmin.db', echo=False, future=True))


fastapi can automatically generate two interactive documents, and all the interfaces of fastapi-amis-admin can be debugged online via docs documents.

Main application

  • /docs

  • /redoc


  • /admin/docs

  • /admin/redoc

Amis debugging

amis has a built-in debugging tool that allows you to view the internal running logs of the component for easy analysis of problems.

Enabling method

This feature is not enabled by default, and can be enabled in the following two ways.

  1. configure the global variable enableAMISDebug with a value of true, for example window.enableAMISDebug = true.
  2. Add amisDebug=1 to the page URL parameter, such as

After turning on, it will be displayed on the right side of the page.

Current features

The Debug tool currently provides two functions. 1:

  1. run logs, mainly api and data conversion logs
  2. View the component data chain, after the Debug tool is expanded, click on any component to see the component's data chain

Amis visual editor